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  • 50-100 Horse Power 48" Diameter Shell
  • (1) 1/32" burner drawer gasket
  • (1) 72" red rubber tube burner support front head gasket
  • (1) tadpole burner housing to inner door
  • (1) tadpole dry oven door
  • (1) 50" tadpole tape front baffle
  • (1) 48" 1-1/2" rope rear baffle
  • (25) fastener
  • (50) rivets
  • Replacement Part for CB 880-215
  • “CB” and “Cleaver Brooks” are registered trademarks of the Cleaver-Brooks division of Aqua-Chem, Inc. H.C. Oswald Supply Company is not an authorized manufacturer or reseller of Cleaver-Brooks parts and products. The products described herein are not manufactured or authorized by Cleaver-Brooks, nor is H.C. Oswald Supply Company Inc in any way associated or affiliated with Brooks or Cleaver-Brooks or Aqua-Chem, Inc.
More Information
Brand OSCO
Gasket Shape Other
Gasket Application Fireside Gaskets
Manufacturer # CB 880-215