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Pacific National US Crane

Handhole Plates

Pacific National Boilers used a variety of handhole plates that can be found on both Scotch Marine and Fire Box Type Boilers.

Fire Box Boiler
Pacific-National Firebox Boilers use flat handhole plates, typically made of cast iron.

Scotch Marine Scotch Marine Pacific-National Boilers typically used both 3 x 4 Elliptical Handhole Plates, both curved and flat. Inside dimensions of the boilers shell determines the radius of the curved handhole plate.

Replacement Boiler Repair Parts

In addition to Handhole Plates, repair and replacement boiler parts for Pacific-National Boilers available.

Featured Items include but not limited to:Tube Retarders, Tube Plugs, Tube Brushes, Gasketing, Fireside Gasket Kits, Waterside Gasket Kits, Flue Door Clamps and Handles, McDonnell & Miller Low Water Cut Off Gaskets and Controls, Chamber Tiles, Burner Parts and Controls