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Repair Parts for Fulton Boilers available at Oswald Supply.

Handhole Plates

Fulton Upright Boilers use a Forged Steel Elliptical 3 x 4 plate. Integral Stud Type plates were originally used, later changed to Weld Stud Type (9” Radius and up) . We provide our customers with OSCO Forged Steel Handhole Plates for Fulton Boiler replacement plates. Patch plates are available, flat and curved.

*Original SIFCO Weld Stud Plates are also available through Oswald Supply Company Inc

We also recommend our Retro-Fit 3 x 4 Handhole Plates Assemblies which include a 3 x 4 Weld Ring and a flat handhole plate. This will replace all curved plates, when applicable.

Replacement Boiler Repair Parts

In addition to Handhole Plates, repair and replacement parts for your Fulton Boiler are also available.

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25 Item(s)

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