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Easco Federal Eastmond

aka, A.L. Eastmond & Sons Boilers, Federal Boilers


As an approved EASCO distributor, we will be happy to supply you with any replacement or repair part for Boiler. We specialize and stock Easco-Federal handhole plates, manhole plates, fireside gasket kits, waterside gasket kits, and flue door clamps for Steel, 3-Pass, Waterbacked, Firetube Packaged Boiler Assemblies. FST Series - 20 - 700 HP; ESP Series - 70 - 450 HP; SM4 Series - 20 - 1,000 HP; PLW Series - 53 - 661 HP; SM5 Series - 20 - 100 HP

Handhole Plates

Federal/Easco Scotch Marine boilers mainly use a 3 ½ x 4 ½ Elliptical Handhole Plates, Flat (PHH200 or PHH200E). Some of their older boilers will have a 3 x 4 Elliptical Handhole Plate. Oswald’s PHH100 Forged Steel Handhole Plate or our PHH47 TICO plate are available for such applications. We also stock Original 3 ½ x 4 ½ Easco Weld Rings. (PHHER)

Replacement Boiler Repair Parts

In addition to Handhole Plates, repair and replacement boiler parts for Cyclotherm Boilers.

Featured Items include but not limited to:Tube Retarders, Tube Plugs, Tube Brushes, Gasketing, Fireside Gasket Kits, Waterside Gasket Kits, Flue Door Clamps and Handles, McDonnell & Miller Low Water Cut Off Gaskets and Controls, Chamber Tiles, Burner Parts and Controls