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Continental Boiler


As an approved Continental Boiler distributor, we will be happy to supply you with any replacement or repair part for your Continental Boiler.

Handhole Plates

Continental Boiler Handhole Plates are 3 x 4 ½ Obround, made of welded steel, with a stud welded through the center. Mill Certification Paperwork is available for these plates. They come flat or curved “Y-Type”.

Replacement Boiler Repair Parts

In addition to Handhole Plates, repair and replacement boiler parts for Continental Boiler Company Boilers.

Featured Items include but not limited to:Tube Impllars, Tube Plugs, Tube Brushes, Gasketing, Fireside Gasket Kits, Waterside Gasket Kits, Flue Doors Clamps and Handles, Low Water Cut OFF Controls McDonnell & Miller, Chamber Tiles, Burner Parts and Controls

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