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  • Making the Unavailable Available.

    We recently cataloged over 90 years of boiler handhole plate information, a knowledge that has been passed down through four generations here at Oswald Supply. Handhole plate literature, original specs and hand written documentation from our files are now available to all of our customers on this user friendly search feature.

    Handhole Plate (14)

    Oswald Supply has been acquiring original handhole plate patterns, designing replacement handhole plate patterns, and stocking original manufactured handhole plates, for almost a century.

    Whether it is stocking plates for new and current applications, or stocking plates for older and obsolete applications, we are consistent in expanding our handhole plate inventory.

    Much of our inventory is still being cataloged so please contact us if you do not see the product you are looking for on our site.

  • Trash Chute Door Repair - Troubleshooting

    Trash Chute Door parts for all makes and models are available for purchase directly on our website. Just click here to see our extensive online catalog.


    Troubleshooting your trash chute door:

    Door Slams Shut: This problem is generally caused by a defective hydraulic door check or by a check that has dislodged from its mount

    Door Does Not Self Close: If door remains open when handle is released, check for:
    ● broken or missing door stopper
    ● broken or dismounted hydraulic door check
    ● frozen latch/handle.

    Door Only Partially Closes: This problem is usually caused by dirt or garbage build up on sides or around inside flange of the door, a damaged hinge or a broken or warped frame.

    Loose Hopper Door: If a trash chute door is forced open beyond the stroke of the door check, or breaking the stopper. This excessive strain on the door may crack the surrounding wall and loosen the mounting screws. This may also dislodge the wall sleeve, causing the hopper door to loosen.

    Other Common Defects: Other problems generally include:
    Broken door handles,
    Broken door panels or sections
    Warped or twisted door panel
    Loose nuts or bolts

  • Trash Chute Door Latch Replacement

    Replacement latch assemblies for all makes and models can be purchased directly off of our website. Just click Here.

    Replacing a trash chute door latch with some basic tools in a few simple steps.

    1. Ensure that T-handle is not locked, turn T-handle to horizontal position

    2.  Unscrew right and left screws to remove T-handle

    3.  Pull out the barrel of the latch (the entire latch assembly)

    4.  Install new latch assembly into position (the hole on the top of the door)

    5.  Push down latch and put T-handle back into position

    6.  Secure T-handle screws and latch is replaced

    7.  Test for latch operability

  • Trash Chute Door Handle Replacement

    Replacement trash chute door handles for all makes and models can be purchased directly on our website. Click here.

    Follow these simple instructions with a few basic tools to replace a trash chute door handle.

    1. Ensure that T-handle is not locked, turn T-handle to horizontal position

    2. Unscrew right and left screws

    3.  Hold the latch down as far as possible and remove handle

    4.  Keep your finger depressing the latch

    5.  Take new handle and position the spindle facing down

    6.  Slide new handle into position and drill in new screws (provided in handle package)

  • Trash Chute Door Closer Replacement

    We stock doors closers for all trash chute door brands and models.

    Replacing a trash chute door closer can be done in just a few easy steps.

    How to Replace Trash Chute Door Closer:

    1. Getting started - remove door.

    2. Located damaged check.

    3. Remove top pin with pliers and let door check fall into resting position.

    4. Remove bottom pin with pliers and discard old check.

    5. Attach the skinny portion of the check to the base of the door.

    6. Pull door check and prop in open position.

    7. Close door to match holes in clip with holes in check, secure with pin and remove prop.

  • Trash Chute Door Baffle Installation

    How to install a Trash Chute Door Baffle, our part number HU232

    With just a few simple steps and some basic tools, you can prevent odor and updraft with the HU232 Rubber Baffle.

    To purchase this great product, just click here.

    How to Install Trash Chute Door Baffle:

    1.  Remove baffle with screws - cut away old baffle if no screws are available for removal

    2.  Position new baffle with hinge opening away from you and far enough back so that the baffle falls behind the door (so as not to interrupt door function

    3.  Drill self tapping screws, making use of pre-drilled holes, to secure the baffle to the top-inside of the door.

    4.  Check functionality

  • Trash Chute Door Install Video

    Our HG209 and HG109 Stainless Steel Trash Chute door is our universal replacement trash chute door, designed to fit most applications. This helpful video shows how to install the HG209 trash chute door in just a few easy steps.

    1.  Locate the screws that affix the door to the in wall sleeve. Loosen screws and remove, which will detach door from wall sleeve.

    2.  Clean around the sleeve - remove any residue trash

    3.  Use sheet metal screws, self-tapping to install new door

    4.  Take replacement door and set it tight between frame and wall sleeve (make sure it is flush).

    5.  Hold door (by frame) against the wall, open the door.

    6.  Keep pressure so that door is tight and flush to the outer wall

    7.  Drill new screws into position (use pre-drilled slots on the flange for sheet metal screws). It is important to drill the new holes as far from the outer wall as possible to keep the door secure and tightly fit to wall. If screws are not far enough away, door may loosen and shift from constant use.

    8.  Check for spaces between door and outside wall and caulk for a tight seal

    9.  Door is now installed - check that it opens and closes smoothly.

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